OS GSO ISO 10377:2017

Omani Standard   Current Edition
· Approved on 03 October 2017 ·

Consumer product safety -- Guidelines for suppliers

Home economics in general
Including consumer information
Services for consumers
Including hotels, restaurants, washing, cleaning, removals, funerals, real estate, vehicle repair and servicing, furniture removals, services for elderly, sheltered housing services for elderly, sheltered housing, etc.

OS GSO ISO 10377:2017 Files

English 46 Pages
Current Edition Reference Language
76.11 OMR

OS GSO ISO 10377:2017 Scope

This International Standard provides practical guidance to suppliers on assessing and managing the safety of consumer products, including effective documentation of risk assessment and risk management to meet applicable requirements. This International Standard describes how to: — identify, assess, reduce or eliminate hazards; — manage risks by reducing them to tolerable levels; — provide consumers with hazard warnings or instructions essential to the safe use or disposal of consumer products. This International Standard is intended to apply to consumer products, but might also be applicable to decisions concerning safety in other product sectors.

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