OS GSO ISO 13970:2017

Omani Standard   Current Edition
· Approved on 03 October 2017 ·

Recreational diving services -- Requirements for the training of recreational snorkelling guides

Services for consumers
Including hotels, restaurants, washing, cleaning, removals, funerals, real estate, vehicle repair and servicing, furniture removals, services for elderly, sheltered housing services for elderly, sheltered housing, etc.
Management of human resources
Including staff training, staff responsibilities, staff qualifications and certification

OS GSO ISO 13970:2017 Files

English 8 Pages
Current Edition Reference Language
27.72 OMR

OS GSO ISO 13970:2017 Scope

This International Standard specifies requirements for snorkelling guide training programmes and the criteria to be met that permit a training organization to award a snorkelling guide qualification indicating that the requirements specified in this International Standard have been met. This International Standard also specifies the particular conditions under which the training is provided, in addition to the general requirements for recreational diving service provision specified in ISO 24803.

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