ISO 24246:2022

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Space systems — Requirements for global navigation satellite system (GNSS) positioning augmentation centers


This document specifies requirements for GNSS positioning augmentation centres that distribute correction data to provide higher accuracy and integrity information for positioning users in the civil and commercial market.

The GNSS positioning augmentation centres cover the following types of positioning:

a) real-time sub-meter to decimetre-level positioning;

b) real-time centimetre-level positioning;

c) post-processed geodetic positioning.

This document also specifies roles of the following stakeholders and functions of the software present at GNSS positioning augmentation centres:

—    role of planner;

—    role of designer;

—    role of administrator;

—    function of software.

28 يونيو 2022
النظم والعمليات الفضائية
* يشمل أنظمة نقل المعلومات والبيانات الفضائية ومعدات المجموعة المساندة لعمليات الإقلاع


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