ISO 19085-17:2021

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Woodworking machines — Safety — Part 17: Edge banding machines fed by chains

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* سلسلة المناشير والمناشير ذات الفرشاة، انظر 65.060.80

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مجال الوثيقة ISO 19085-17:2021

This document gives the safety requirements and measures for edge banding machines fed by chains or belts, with manual loading and unloading and maximum workpiece height capacity of 100 mm, capable of continuous production use, hereinafter referred as “machines”.

It deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events, listed in Annex A, relevant to the machines, when operated, adjusted and maintained as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer; reasonably foreseeable misuse has been considered too. Also, transport, assembly, dismantling, disabling and scrapping phases are taken into account.

The machines are designed to process in one pass one end (single-end machine) or both ends (double-end machine) of panels of:

—    materials with similar physical characteristics to wood (see ISO 19085-1:2021, 3.2), even with a core sheet of aluminium light alloy;

—    gypsum plaster boards.

Edges to be applied by the machine can be made of:

—    paper;

—    melamine;

—    plastic;

—    composite materials;

—    aluminium;

—    light alloy;

—    veneer;

—    solid wood.

It is also applicable to machines fitted with one or more of the following devices/working units, whose hazards have been dealt with:

—    hot air banding unit;

—    laser banding unit;

—    infrared banding unit;

—    dynamic processing units;

—    sanding belt units;

—    milling unit installed out of the integral enclosure at the panel side on single-end machines;

—    milling unit installed out of the integral enclosure between machines halves of double-end machines;

—    additional fixed or movable workpiece support along the feed;

—    additional infeed workpiece support;

—    additional outfeed workpiece support;

—    in-feed device for transversal loading of panels in single-end machines;

—    intermediate workpiece support in double-end machines;

—    automatic panel returner in single-end machines;

—    automatic tool changing;

—    quick tool changing system;

—    automatic multiple edges infeed device;

—    workpiece heaters.

This document does not deal with any hazards relating to:

a)   systems for loading and unloading of the workpiece to a single machine other than automatic panel returner and infeed and outfeed workpiece supports (e.g. robots);

b)   the combination of a single machine being used with other machines (as part of a line);

c)   workpiece dividing unit installed out of the integral enclosure and/or whose tools protrude out of the integral enclosure;

d)   plasma banding unit.

It is not applicable to machines intended for use in potentially explosive atmosphere nor manufactured before the date of its publication.

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